Radu Vasilescu

A strategic, analytical, and creative software developer who combines diverse technical expertise with experience in problem-solving and implementation.



Featured Projects

These are some of my coolest projects.

The nation's largest high school tech conference.
C compiler targeting the Duke 250/16 MIPS-like RISC architecture.
The reference interpreter for Procedural Footnote Language.


I'm a huge fan of hackathons. Here are some of my past projects:

Helps people learn languages by real-time translating foreign songs with easy lyrics.
Empowering children with Autism to connect with the community.
Hackathon project: ADHD treatment using real-time brainwave biofeedback.
Idea-sharing website. Powered by PHP and MySQL.


Fun side projects, from VS Code extensions to programming challenges.

C compiler targeting the Duke 250/16 MIPS-like RISC architecture.
Adds a mAh battery indicator to the Mac bar.
Controlling my dorm thermostat with an IOT-connected servo motor.
Website poking fun at dull JavaScript package naming conventions
Better MIPS assembly support in Visual Studio Code
A 3D rendering engine built from scratch, with dynamic lighting, shading, and matrix transformations—just with Swing.
A collection of various experiments and games written in Java with Processing.
Winner of the GE Intern C Obfuscation Challenge 2018
I wanted to learn JS so I built an extensible event-based frontend framework.
Some of my solutions to challenges from Reddit's r/dailyprogrammer


I've also created a few projects for the community.

Website created for Honors American Government class

Data Visualization

A couple experiments with data analytics/visualization.

Analysis of GroupMe messages in one of my group chats.


School-related or academic projects.

Custom ISA computer designed in Logisim and then rewritten in Verilog
DECSCI 101 - Final Project (Group 9)
CLI tool to generate quotes said by ola.

Open Source Contributions

I occasionally contribute to open-source projects like these.

The Dart SDK, including the VM, dart2js, core libraries, and more.